A Light’s Life

A Light’s Life

Written By: Maya Sharma



Chapter 1


First of all, I have a confession to make. I am the only light who is always on, and no one ever changes my bulb. Something must be done. My friends and family always scold me and tell me to be less rebellious, but it really isn’t my fault! It’s people who are too careless about every single thing. But today, I did something different. I am fed up of all of these people bossing me around.

One light said, specifically my sister, said “Fifo, I’m done with this nonsense. You have got to start listening. Out of all of us you, are the only one who doesn’t listen.”

Soon the others started. As soon as my dad took his breath, signaling that he was going to say something important, I shot back.


“Stop, please! You have been telling me this since the first day we moved in this house!”


“Well, why wouldn’t we?” questioned my mother.

“You have never listened to us,” said my father.


A few weeks ago, a new bulb moved in. She had been quiet for the last few days. Her name was Leta.


“I have a question,” said Leta in her quiet voice, “when was the last time your bulb was changed?”


All of the lights said, “Well, don’t you remember! It was just this yesterday!”


“Well, that’s the point. It’s only Fifo who doesn’t get changed,” said Leta, “sometimes bulbs start malfunctioning when they are on for too long, or if they are never changed.”

At that moment, I knew that Leta and I would become very good friends.

Instead of just nodding her off when she wanted to play games, I would invite her to play. She was a very fast learner, and she loved to read. I guess that took up a lot of her free time- but not anymore. We enjoy spending time with each other, even in the dark and gloomy winters.


But one day, a problem arose. My sister’s bulb stopped. She kept flickering, on and off. My parents were certain that she would have to go.  Leta was right. She would be replaced by a better, novel bulb.

But which bulb would move in?


Chapter 2

My parents didn’t say anything to my little sister. I felt bad for her. She didn’t do anything wrong. If she is going because she is malfunctioning, then I would probably have to go, too. But I haven’t left. So now why are my parents thinking that we would have to go? There has to be another reason.


One day, I saw the owners talking. Leta and I peered in through the creek in the doors.

“A reasonable price for our home. Will $320,000 be sufficient?”said the man.


“What will we do about these bulbs? Should we bring them to California?” said the lady.

“Why of course not. We need new bulbs! These keep flickering on and off. Let the new people have it,” said the man.


“This man has a good acumen for keeping us here,”  said Leta.


The next day, I saw a huge bus, it stood conspicuous in the neighborhood.. The children would ride the school bus one last time before leaving. But wait – they just went outside to say goodbye. Two minutes later I see another bus. This one looks like a truck. They loaded all their things and said goodbye. A family walked by the house, touching the soft pine leaves left on the ground. Finally, some attention! This family looked much nicer, waving at us. Nobody ever does that to a house.


Soon I realized that they weren’t just looking at the house. They were going inside, setting all of their stuff.


They were moving in.


Chapter 3:


Soon, all of the bulbs panicked. We rattled this way and that way. Soon a little girl, named Myna, reassured us that everything would be fine.


“It’s okay,” said Myna, “I’m nice, don’t worry.”


A few weeks later, Myna, Leta, and I are having fun! She even brings us some orange sticks.

But her mom, Mrs.Mary, is very austere. She yells at Myna to do her homework, when Myna already has. And even when Myna tries to tell her that she already has and was completed with extra worksheets, she gets yelled at.change this sentence into smaller sentences

One day, my bulb started flickering.

She puts something on me, and my sister. It looks like some kind of SmartThings device. I wore it, and it felt like someone was controlling me! I started rocking from side to side, frantically.

Myna chuckles, “Don’t worry,” “they help you. I can control all of the bulbs this way,” said Myna.


It was kind of fun. When Myna was playing hide and seek, her brother used to play too. We would keep turning the lights on and off until it was time too go to sleep. Soon, more bulbs joined. I liked too switch rooms everyday so I could meet new people, but I would always take Leta and my sister, Kuri, with me.

And do you know what – our bulbs never got changed! None of us ever have to worry about things like this again.



See you in the next story!


Poem on the Science Vocabulary

With no energy, I kneel on my knees,

Motionless I switch on the TV,

With my mouth dropped open I hear,

“Stop eating all the cookies,” “your mass has overloaded,”

The alarm clock keeps ringing, its sound accelerating,


I roll my back to the door, hoping I’ll be able to keep up this inertia,

Upstairs the aroma of hot cocoa fills the air,

“It’s time to go to school today,”

Goodbye inertia, it’s time to leave for good.

Winter Poem

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful lights you can see all around. Since it’s the start of a winter month, I thought I would open with a poem about winter! I’d love to know what you are doing this winter and how you liked this poem.


As Seen By Maya Sharma


I see the luminous and glistening lights guiding the way through the gelid airs blasting through the fuzzy scarves and mittens.

I hear eerie winds howling over houses desperate to get warm. I hear feet plodding over the fragile ice.

I smell the smoke coming from the fireplace to warm numb fingers.

I taste the mouthwatering hot cocoa warming my tounge with a wonderful taste.

I feel the spiky evergreens and pinecones left on the snow.

Enjoy your holidays!

Book Review: A Light In The Attic by Shel Silverstein

Hello everyone! Good evening. I finished the book “A Light In The Attic”, and I wanted to write a review of the book! Let’s hop into it.

A Light in The AtticThe Book on your left!

Shel Silverstein’s ” A Light in The Attic” was full of numerous poems which were sometimes funny, rhyming, or tongue-twisting.  They were all wonderful and quite delightful to read. I’m going to share with you some of my all time favorites!


1. Captain Blackbeard Did What? p.104

Lesson: Don’t shave. (You’ll find out why.)

2. How Not to Have to Dry the Dishes p.12

3. Standing is Stupid p.111

Don’t listen to the narrator. It will change your habits!

4. Twistable Turnable Man p.138

This one’s a big tounge-twister!

5. Zebra Question p.125 

This one will make parents laugh if they have a big chatterbox at home!

You should definitely check these out and the rest of the book, as well! This is definitely a must read!

Have a nice evening, and readers, out!


Inertia Poem

Many times, I’ve tried and tried, but this war can not be won,

For some reason, I really don’t know, but my inertia has begun,


I’m starting to like being lazy, and it actually feels really good,


But now my legs are sore, but I really didn’t know if he should’ve-

I tried moving my wheels, but they just wouldn’t budge,


I tried moving my pedals, but I just couldn’t make them nudge,


When I tried moving again for the last time, I was set into gear,


When I hear lots of cheers-

At the finish line.


My inertia is gone!

(Although I want it back now)


Comment below to enter your thoughts about this poem! Have a nice day!

Poetry (Prompt Below)

Prompt: Remove your shoes. Write a poem that celebrates your feet.


Tired, hungry, I stand up on my chair,

My chair moves a bit closer, my hands everywhere,

I stand on my tippy toes, about to grab a cookie-

I don’t land up head first, thanks to my pal- my worn feet!


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Poetry (Prompt Below)

Prompt: Think of the nicest thing someone ever said to you. Write a poem about a rainy day and something flooding. End the poem with the good thing someone said.


I look outside my window, with my pail,  and my shoes,

I look outside my window, hoping not to bring my boots,

I look outside my window, staring at the shore,

When the tears of the clouds fill the beach, forevermore,


A few hours pass and I walk up to the shore,

When some kid takes the hose and flows the water in the pool,

People scream louder, more and more and more,


I stand, my mouth widened, dropping all my tools,

I fall into the water, acting like a fool


Hopefully tomorrow, that kid won’t break the rules!

You’re so nice, I couldn’t have anyone else to be my best friend!


Goodbye vacation.

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A Big Announcement

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This is another poem we made at school for Mother’s Day.


Joyfully traveling             

Adventurous places

Unique history

Delicious food          

Wonderful sights

Amazing activities  


My brother

Very solicitous

Hard worker

Extremely smart

Avid reader

Guitar player

Tremendously loving   

Really funny

Making music

Melodious tune

Notes dancing

Piano playing

Dulcet sound

Tranquil tune

Lovely math

Fibonacci sequence

Numbers floating

Algorithms dancing

Quietly solving